Are Natural Medicines Right for You?

eCS Clinic offers a unique, whole-health, personalised approach to rebalance your ECS.

At eCS Clinic we provide personalised support for patients suffering from various symptoms related to Chronic Illness and beyond. Our vision is to create the world’s leading Holistic Healthcare Community through research, education, and evidence-based treatmentSpeak with our practitioners today.

What sets eCS Clinic apart?

eCS Clinic sets itself apart by listening to our patients concerns, providing personalised treatment and support through regular proactive contact and cost support for medications. 

Natural Medications

Various internal and external factors may be contributing to a depletion of natural compounds within your body. We are learning how some symptoms arise when our bodies don’t produce enough for our system to run optimally.

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We are a top rated clinic in Australia

We aren’t satisfied until you are. Our Patient Advocates will remain in contact with you until your tailored treatments are working as intended. See what our patients are saying about eCS Clinic.

Ongoing Thanks

To a Pioneer and a Friend

We extend our sincerest thanks to Raphael Mechoulam, who needs no introduction as one of the world’s most accomplished research scientists. His research from 1963 enabled the first synthesis particular plant compounds as well as the research discovery of anandamide and 2-AG. Raphael continues to inspire our key research team around the world.
Ken Clement with Raphael Mechoulam

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