For Healthcare Professionals

eCS Clinic works with healthcare professionals to provide a bio-psycho-social treatment to patients to best support their natural health exploration.


Amplify Treatment Response

Treatment of CEDS and rebalance of the endocannabinoid system has shown to boost the effects of other targeted treatments. This can improve your patient’s outcome on current and future treatments.

Coordinated Treatment and Support

Our multidisciplinary team at eCS Clinic provides well-rounded support for your patient. We are only one part of the picture, and work to support you with your patient. We communicate patient treatment and outcomes back to the patient’s GP and referring doctors.

How eCS Clinic Collaborates With You In Your Patient’s Treatment

We work with you to provide multidisciplinary care to our patients. eCS Clinic functions as a sub-speciality clinic to support you in caring for your patients. eCS Clinic is an education provider for the RACGP. Registered practitioners will have access to our handbook and training materials relating to prescribing natural alternatives, any recommendations made for OTC or supplements and a collaborative approach to holistic care.

Meet Jan

Professional Development

eCS Clinic offers accredited continuing education for practitioners. Practitioners interested in learning about prescribing natural medicines can access our training tools and guidebook once registered. We look forward to you joining our growing community of medical professionals.

If you are interested in our program, feel free to contact our clinic directly at:

Become an ECS Partner Pharmacy

eCS Clinic is offering select pharmacies across Australia the opportunity to become an affiliate that offers pre-screening for natural medicine treatments and dispensing of compounded medications. This partnership is mutually beneficial and fully supported by our clinic.

Partnered Veterinary Clinic

eCS Vet equips vets and their care team with the tools they need for a safe clinical approach to these new therapies for their patients.

eCS Vet provides Australian vets and nurses the information, support and advice they need to facilitate a streamlined pathway when prescribing new natural medications to pets.

For more information on how to join our community of veterinary affiliates across Australia, or to speak directly to our veterinary experts, visit eCS Vet’s support page.