A Breakdown of the eCS Clinic Consultation Process

Booking Your First Appointment

The goal of our booking and consultation process is to make it as straightforward and simple as possible to book an appointment.

This begins with giving patients the means to select their own appointments. Patients have multiple points of contact with our clinic and can choose one that is most convenient for them! 

By following the link above, you can select any available time slot for an appointment! With this method, appointments can often be made for the next business day if time is a factor for you.

If you prefer to speak with a representative, that option is available by dialing (03) 9117 9000

We also provide our initial services via email at clinic@ecs.health

The first step is to provide brief details about yourself. You will be asked to enter your birthday, first and last name, a phone number for contact and whether you are a new or existing patient.

Giving You Options

You get to decide how to meet your practitioner to discuss your health and treatment plan!

1. In Person

Our Bayswater Clinic is available to Melbourne residents

2. Over the Phone

Available to all Australians

3. Telehealth

Available to all Australians. You can meet your doctor online through your computer or smartphone (we’ll show you how). You can also have your telehealth consult at one of our affiliated eCS Pharmacy locations!

Dispensing Your Medication

The pharmacy will reach out to you to confirm your contact details and explain how your medication will be dispensed. You have the option to pick your prescription up, or have it delivered to your home. It will be your responsibility to call the pharmacy for repeat prescriptions.

Providing On-Going Support

Our team will remain in contact with you over the course of your treatment. We want to make sure your treatments are effective and that you are receiving the desired results.

A clinical team member will book additional appointments to review your treatments with our practitioners at a later date. They will relay all the necessary information to you via phone, email, or text.