Access To Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

Every state follows a standard set of guidelines from the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Access to cannabinoid medications are either approved through a Special Access Scheme (SAS) or Authorized Prescriber Scheme (AP). Since the federal legislative changes in 2016, all Australians have the right to access medicinal cannabis products if deemed appropriate by their practitioner.

The above statement is absolutely true. A brief investigation of each state’s government website can confirm that patients with any medical condition can be prescribed medicinal cannabis by their doctor, if they believe it is clinically appropriate. There is one caveat with Tasmania, however. For some medicinal cannabis medications containing THC, your prescriber must be present and practising in Tasmania when issuing the prescription.

For posterity, you can visit the links below any time to learn about the intricacies of each state’s medical cannabis laws and your rights as a patient to access medicinal cannabis in Australia.

Medical Cannabis in Victoria

Medical Cannabis in Queensland

Medical Cannabis in New South Wales

Medical Cannabis in Western Australia

Medical Cannabis in South Australia

Medical Cannabis in Tasmania

With online telehealth consultations and home delivery of medications, eCS Clinic is able to serve the entire country. You do not have to be in proximity to one of our locations in order to book a free consultation and obtain a cannabis prescription if deemed appropriate by an eCS Practitioner. Our call center and cannabinoid clinic in Victoria handles a majority of our patients and we make every effort to have bookings available for new patients in need.

You can call eCS Clinic during regular business hours to discuss treatment options and what we have to offer in terms of services. Our friendly staff will be available to answer any questions you may have.


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