Dr Carrie Newbold Presenting at Australian Cannabis Summit 2022

We are so excited to have our very own Dr Newbold presenting for a consecutive year at the ACS, one of the biggest education-centric events of the year in Australia. It is visited by thousands of practitioners and patients interested in learning about the progress of cannabis in Australia, improving our understanding of the plant’s capabilities, and the future application of cannabinoid medicines.

The ACS will be held on October 28 & 29, 2022

Patients and practitioners can register for the summit here and it is absolutely free! The summit was created to help Australians access up to date information about medical cannabis regardless of their location or financial situation. It will encompass two full days of talks with some of the industry’s most brilliant minds.

This year, Dr Newbold will have an insightful talk about Real World Data. We hear a lot about the wonders of medicinal cannabis, but what does the available data show? Dr Newbold will discuss how our own data is collected (i.e studies and clinical trials), the legitimacy and quality, how it is analysed, and current clinical evidence regarding the usage and potential benefits of these burgeoning medical products.

At the summit, Dr Newbold will be releasing information about eCS Clinic’s newest trial and the impact it will have on current and potential patients. This is something you won’t want to miss!

For more information on the summit, visit the ACS website by clicking their logo above.

Dr CARRIE NEWBOLD is a medical researcher, who has conducted and led applied medical research within a medical device field for close to 20 years, in both academic and commercial environments. Dr Newbold is currently Director of Clinical R&D for Kensana Health, a vertically-integrated biotechnology and phytopharmaceutical company.

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