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Source of Raw Cannabis

Yes, medicinal cannabis is highly regulated. The pharmacy must comply with the stringent standards set by the Government. This includes keeping a register to account for and manage all raw ingredients; the secure storage of all raw ingredients; and sourcing raw ingredients from accredited suppliers.

Kensana Health sources its raw cannabis locally, or from Canada or Germany when unable to source high quality local raw material. All imported materials must have a valid import permit, with materials meeting federal standards TGO 93 and TGO 100. All raw ingredients are sent for independent analysis prior to conversion into patient medicines.

Medication Forms, Flavourings and Ingredients

What forms do cannabinoid medications come in?

  • Oil – coconut oil and flavouring. Used during titration.
  • Lozenge – often THC is introduced with lozenge.
  • Suppository – for people who cannot take oral medications.
  • Pessaries – for women with pelvic conditions.
  • Capsules – once dose has stabilised
  • Topical creams – for skin conditions
  • Syqe Air – microdosed inhalation device for chronic pain, PTSD, neurology and oncology

What is the flavour of the oil?

Neutral with a citrus or mint flavour.

What flavours do the lozenges come in?

Choc banana, choc raspberry, raspberry, strawberry, citrus or flavour free.

What does it taste like?

Sweetened and flavoured but can taste grassy or earthy.

Is it gluten free? Lactose free? Fructose free? Vegan or vegetarian?

Yes – gluten free, lactose free, fructose free, and both vegan and vegetarian.


How much does it cost?
It depends on what you’re prescribed. Typically between $6-$10 per day.
Postage across Australia currently costs around $12.95.
Do you offer any discounts? Or are there cheaper products?
HCC holders get a 15% discount at the pharmacy.
PHI – pay rebate for medicinal cannabis scripts. Workcover, DVA, TAC and NDIS may fund your medicinal cannabis scripts.
You can also ask your doctor to prescribe a larger bottle of oil or a more concentrated oil.
If you have any questions, call your Patient Advocate on (03) 9117 9000 Australia wide.


What time of day should I take my medication?
Take it immediately after your meal, eg after breakfast and after dinner.

Are there any side effects?
All medications can have side effects. Most are minor and temporary, and occur when you
first start or increase the dose.

CBD: Dry mouth, diarrhoea, sleepiness, dizziness.
THC: Dizziness, feeling foggy, increased heart rate.

Can my medication interact with other medications?
Yes it can interact with some medications – check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Can I just keep titrating up my dose until my symptoms are gone?
No – like all medications you can only take the dose the doctor prescribed. If you are not
getting the symptom relief you want, call for a review appointment.

How long do I need to take my medication?
That depends on how your symptoms respond to the treatment.

Can I drink alcohol while I’m taking cannabinoids?
Yes, but only in moderation and that will also be affected by the presence of other
prescribed medicines. Ask your pharmacist or GP.

Ordering Your Medicine

How do I reorder my medication?

For oils, the first bottle is usually 35 ml – this bottle will last about 3-4 weeks depending on how
well you are tolerating your medicine. Call your pharmacy at least one week before you
think you’ll run out. They will then have enough time to create and deliver your medication.

Which pharmacies supply Kensana Health products?

For more information, go to our location section


What’s on the oil bottle label?

The label will state:

  • Whether it is CBD isolate or CBD full-spectrum.
  • Concentration in milligrams per ml (mg/ml).
  • The daily dose.
  • The name of the patient.
  • “Shake well before each use”.
  • “Do not drive while using this medication” – CBD full spectrum only.

What’s on the lozenge packet label?

The label will state:

  • Whether it’s CBD, THC or a combination of both.
  • The dose of the lozenge (Note, a lozenge is sometimes called a troche).
  • “Do not drive while using this medication”.

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