Medicinal Cannabis Hitting New High

New research from the University of Sydney’s Lambert Initiative has found that while most Australians are still medicating with illicit cannabis, the number of people accessing prescription products has risen dramatically.
The demographics of patients making consultations for legal cannabis in Australia are astonishingly similar to our own findings at eCS Clinic. Through our booking system and socials we have found the majority of patients looking to treat their symptoms are female between the ages of 35-65. Patients with a cannabis prescription were most likely attempting to treat pain, mental health, and sleep.
Many participants who were using illicit products in Australia mentioned several barriers that prevented them access to legal cannabis. The first was the additional costs associated, whether it be the price of the medication, or a combination of time off work and travelling to consultations. The second highest reason was that Australians did not know any prescribing doctors and/or did not know about the legal pathways for medicinal cannabis in Australia.
Around 37% of respondents reported prescription use – compared to the last survey in 2018 at 2.5%. Out of the 1,600 participants surveyed, 95% reported improvements to their main health condition. Although illicit cannabis use was found to take a significant market share of cannabis use in Australia, the market for legal cannabis is growing and there are several reasons for this:
  • The contents of compounded products are reliable/stable for proper dosing. The patients know what they are getting and have medical professional guidance to help treat their symptoms.
  • Proper research in the field is expanding and more doctors are warming up to the idea that plant-based products containing cannabinoids may have medical value.
  • Loosened regulations with cannabinoid products containing specific CBD and THC content
There is an absolute need for safe, informed access and it starts with educating practitioners about all aspects of these new medications.
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