Our Approach

eCS Clinic sets itself apart by listening to our patients concerns, providing personalised treatment, proactive support, bulk billed clinic services and cost support for medications. 

Patient Advocate Factsheet

Flexible bookings

online or over the phone.

Bulk Billed Consultations

in-clinic, via telehealth or phone

Patient Support

helping you optimise your health

eCS Clinic offers a unique, whole-health, personalised approach.

Your eCS Clinic Patient Journey



Booking your consultation only takes a minute. You can book your practitioner online or by phone. Patients will receive a confirmation text.



You will be texted a New Patient Registration link to complete before your initial consult. This contains basic information about yourself to prepare us for your pre-consult.



In person, over the phone, or on telehealth, our team will ensure your consult explores all the options for your treatment with appropriate recommendations.



If a prescription is required, the pharmacy will contact you and dispense your medication. Simply call to retrieve repeats and to discuss any other treatments recommended (such as over the counter supplements or medications).



Our team will be making sure that you get the most out of your treatment, by providing up-to-date advice and recommendations about the scope of treatments available and how to access alternative options.

eCS Clinic’s doctors and nurses are specialised in Chronic Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome (CEDS): diagnosis and treatment. CEDS is a new discovery and most practitioners did not learn about it in their training. Your treatment is personalised and unique to you, CEDS can present in a broad symptomatology and each person will react in a unique way. Our practitioners take time with each patient, providing in-depth consultations to properly understand your unique situation.

The early stages of your treatment are among the most crucial. They can provide valuable insight into your body’s particular tolerance to the medication. Our Patient Advocate Program will help you reach success quickly and safely, and improve research and treatment for others. We will be contacting you throughout the first few months of your cannabinoid
(medicinal cannabis) journey. Together we will discover how you respond to this medication. This information allows us to fine tune your medication form and dose titration to maximise your chances of achieving your healthcare objectives.

When will we contact you?

Once your treatment begins we will contact you when you are 1 week in, then every 2 weeks until your treatment is stabilised. Once it is stabilised, we will contact you once
every 12 weeks.

In these calls, we will check that you’re getting the symptom relief you are hoping for, and not having any side effects. We will ask questions about your symptom severity and any other symptoms that can be improved by cannabinoid medicines.

If you are unable take calls, you are able to participate in the
program via email.