Telehealth and Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

The pandemic has made it important for everyone to practice social distancing. It is important for people not to crowd medical facilities to prevent unnecessary spread of the virus. So, what happens to the sick? How can they get help without visiting a clinic?

Patients can access Australian Cannabis/Cannabinoid Clinics and other health care services via Telehealth. Telecommunication is the tool that enables you to get specialised help remotely. It appears complicated at first, but don’t worry. All clinics that offer remote access will walk you through every single step of the process until you are comfortable with it.

At eCS Clinic, we offer telehealth (telemedicine) services to our patients. Telehealth provides direct access to specialists and you spend less time in the waiting room. This is becoming normal practice for clinics that offer a range of treatments, including cannabis prescriptions. Read on to understand how it works and how you stand to benefit.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a way of delivering healthcare services over the internet. Telecommunication is crucial in this regard. It facilitates interaction between a patient and a doctor through a phone or video call.

eCS Clinic uses telehealth to provide medical consultations, medical advice or diagnosis to patients. All of our patients with Chronic Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome (CEDS) are benefitting greatly with our medicinal cannabis prescription consultations through telehealth.

Are we using medicinal cannabis or cannabinoid medications?

Telehealth has made access to health care services easy. For example, eCS Clinic plays a key role in appropriate access to medicinal cannabis, cannabinoid medications through telehealth cannabis Melbourne and the surrounding area.

The process of becoming a patient isn’t complicated. After booking your free consultation all that is required from you is to fill out a short The New Patient Registration collects information on the patient’s diagnosis and symptoms, not just typical personal details. From there, eCS Clinic schedules you a 20 minutes consultation with a medical assistant followed by a 10 minute consult with a medical practitioner .

Shortly after, you will have a 10-minute one-on-one meeting with one of our doctors. The doctor will read the notes from your initial consultation, review the information with you, and then prescribe if you are eligible.

eCS Clinic will relay your prescription to one of the local pharmacies for pick up or home delivery. Home delivery of your medication is the most ideal form of access to patients in remote locations.

What Role Does Telehealth Play in Medical Cannabis Treatments for Patients?

Telehealth cannabis Australia plays a vital role for patients interested in accessing alternative treatment methods for a range of symptoms. Some patients suffering from chronic pain or reduced mobility may find it difficult to travel to their local medical clinics. The solution at eCS Clinic is to bring the clinic to you instead.

Telehealth medicinal cannabis in Australia makes it easy to access new healthcare methods. It is the best way to get remote professional medical assistance from us. Also, it is convenient and cost-effective. It enables you to save on travel expenses, taking time off work, and eliminates child/elder care issues. For patients with physical challenges or impairments, in reduces the likelihood of worsening your medical issues.

In-Person Clinics vs Telehealth?

The answer to this question revolves around the medical issues patients are having and the treatment that is necessary for them. It can also be dependent on the patient’s personal preference.

In-person treatment enables your Medical Practitioner to conduct a physical examination, which is important for some checkups, injuries and superficial wounds. For injuries of a more serious nature, your Medical Practitioner may have to examine and carry out tests to make sure their prognosis is accurate and you obtain the necessary remedy.

In the same way, a telehealth Medical Practitioner can also accurately diagnose issues that don’t require a physical examination, such as some symptoms that may be treatable with a medical cannabis prescription. The rise of telehealth cannabis in Australia is one of the best advances in procedure since the pandemic in the sense that it reduces traffic in medical facilities. However, it does not rule out the role of an in-person appointment completely.

Unlike other medical cannabis clinics, eCS Clinic offers free telehealth consultations, which offers savings above and beyond the costs you save on transportation. Medical cannabis patients often do not factor in the costs of their consultations when choosing a clinic, which may cost them an extra $500 yearly just to see the Medical Practitioner.

Australia’s Telehealth Services

Telehealth consultations have systems in place to ensure your privacy is protected at all times. Any information relayed during your appointment stays between you and our medical team.

We cannot say they do not need to worry at all, there is always a privacy risk, no matter how good a system.

Telehealth consultations with our practitioners can offer quality treatment for a range of medical issues such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, general or chronic pain, gastro-intestinal challenges, and loss of appetite diagnosis. If our doctors believe you may have an illness that requires physical examination, they will take the necessary steps to help you.

Our specialist doctors are gaining a wealth of experience in the telemedical industry. They are able to give accurate diagnoses and fill the correct prescriptions depending on your symptoms.

How Chronically Ill Patients Can Benefit From Telehealth

Our services extend beyond your consultation and reception of your prescription. Our world-class Patient Advocates (PA) provide remote medical assistance to you routinely at a time when it is convenient for you. This type of accessible healthcare is paramount to ensuring you are receiving everything you require.

The PA will call patients about 10 days after they receive their medication to make sure they got it, started it, and are having no problems with the titrations. You should expect about 4 more calls over 3 months to check that patients are getting the symptom relief they want and not getting any side affects. If the PA thinks a patient needs a change to their prescription, they will book them in for a review appointment online.

Monitoring a patient’s ongoing treatment compliments the entire treatment process, ensuring they are receiving the best care we can provide.

Telehealth’s Advantages for Getting Medical Cannabis

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We’re here to support you. Our team are experts on the endocannabinoid system and the treatments used for Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome.

If you need urgent medical attention, please dial 000 immediately.

We’re here to support you. Our team are experts on the endocannabinoid system and the treatments used for Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome.

If you need urgent medical attention, please dial 000 immediately.